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"We operate with a simple mission – that we are client focused and results driven."


Caryn A. Van Matre, Esquire

Caryn is a native of South Alabama. She grew up in a strong and loving family and a close knit community. There, she developed her strong sense of family and commitment to doing good for others.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Troy University in 1989. She attended Cumberland School of Law, located on the campus of Samford University, in Birmingham, Alabama. Caryn received her Juris Doctorate from Cumberland and was admitted as a member of the Florida Bar Association in 1993.

Also in 1993, Caryn moved to Pensacola and married her husband, John. She opened her family law practice in Pensacola, Florida as a solo practitioner that same year. Caryn and John have established their home, careers, and raised their children in this beautiful city. She and her entire family are active in the community and have established deep roots and a love for this area and its people.

Caryn Van Matre’s law office is located in historic downtown Pensacola, a point of pride that embodies her love for the Pensacola community. Inside the office you’ll find an experienced staff ready to assist you.

As a family law attorney, Caryn understands that she is entrusted to address a client’s most sensitive, important issues – issues that can have life-altering impact. She takes the time to listen to you. Caryn has had the privilege of offering her unique advocacy approach to many families in Northwest Florida.

Caryn is a creative, insightful lawyer who knows that each family is unique and requires careful attention to achieve the best possible result. When clients work with Caryn, they know they are getting an aggressive attorney who will fight for their rights, while meeting their needs with sensitivity and clear advice.

If you have questions or concerns about any family law matter, including divorce, child custody, timesharing and support, adoption, probate and guardianship proceedings, or any other family law concerns, call now to schedule a confidential consultation.

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Teressa Duke

Attorney Caryn A. Van Matre has a powerful weapon at her disposal-a devoted passionate staff, that stands with her to give you the best experience and result possible. Paralegal Teressa Duke has the skill and experience to help you walk through complex family law matters. She is focused and determined. She gives each client and each case the detailed attention they deserve.

Teressa Duke has been working as a highly trained paralegal with our office for over 18 years. Through their long standing relationship, Teressa knows exactly what information and evidence to gather to help Caryn build the strongest case possible. At our law office, we take a team approach in developing client confidence and in formulating a solid plan to protect your interests. Teressa has the skill, understanding and compassion to make these trying times less difficult for you and your family. Offering excellent service is her top priority.

Mission Statement And Purpose

The law office of Caryn A. Van Matre operates with a simple mission – to be “client focused and result driven”.

To forward that mission, we offer a low cost, confidential initial consultation. A fundamental principle of our law practice is that everyone should have reasonable access to an experienced family and divorce attorney, to gain insight into their particular legal concern and explore potential solutions. That is the purpose of the initial consultation.

In this initial consultation, you will speak directly with Caryn Van Matre. The meeting is fully confidential. Caryn will discuss the concerns you have, the outcome you are seeking, and how that outcome can best be achieved. We believe this initial consultation is key to establishing trust between attorney and client, and that a strong foundation of trust will result in a more positive outcome.

Caryn’s law practice focuses on a variety of family law matters. It is a natural fit, as family is so very important to her. Family law is an area that allows her to use her strengths and to positively impact her clients and their families. Caryn is mindful that the subject matter she deals with is precious and of the utmost importance. She takes the responsibility as a family law attorney very seriously. Over the years, she has learned much from her clients and her colleagues. That knowledge continues to influence her practice and who she is as a woman, a wife, a mother, a citizen of Pensacola and as an attorney. For this, she is very grateful.

For Attorney Caryn A. Van Matre, a winning legal proceeding is not simply prevailing on the issues, but laying the ground work for families to begin the healing process to move beyond litigation. We believe that the practice of family law should be focused around one singular truth - that family relationships are meant to survive the process. While the nature of relationships will no doubt change, our goal is to do all we can to preserve them, for the benefit of all involved.

Caryn feels most satisfied when she feels her clients have the tools and resources to move forward, especially when children are involved.

The law office of Caryn A. Van Matre stands ready to offer you compassionate, honest, and priority-oriented legal assistance to help restore your peace of mind.